Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Birthday to my dear brother...

Being the youngest in the family, he is always the apple of our eyes. He is not exactly that "manja" kind of boy eventhough he is the youngest. He is turning 14 years old this year...on 12th February 2009.

Let me share with you a little bit bout my lil' bro..well, not so little anymore..he's a big boy now. ahakz! When he was young, he likes to play this computer game called "comfy land"..haha..he was just 3 years old back then.. but now his favourite game are Counter Strike, War Craft, Dota, Need For Speed....and more. Being the eldest in the family, i can say that i'm a protective and caring sister. I remember i ever scolded my neighbour's children for making adam cry when he was younger...hehe..! I tend to treat my brothers...everard and adam like as if they are little kids although they are all grown up now...OMG! Recently, i'm more laid back and supportive towards them.. hehe.

Adam has always been the peace maker in our family. He barely complains and is always willing to help out. I give him credits for being supportive too. Last sem break, when I was back home, i treated him Big Apple and we hang out at The Spring. It was a really good time with him, full of laughter and various stories...he updates me on what's happeining around him. He calls me Kakak since he was very little until now. When he was 5 years old, I remember he took one of my teddy bear and make him his very own "bantak busuk" 'cause previous "bantal busuk" was no longer avaiable. He left it somewhere when we were on a family vacation. *LOL*

I usually spend my time seperately with both of my brothers... means to say here that, maybe today i hang out with adam, then the next time im hanging out with everard. I find it more interesting that way. I can focused on each of them while catching up with their lives event and happenings when I'm not around in Kuching. There would also be time for all the 3 of us hanging out together. We go to church together and our recent favourite leisure time would be food hopping! haha... We had so many sweet memories together! I miss those days growing up with them.

Well, this post is especially dedicated to my dear brother...Christopher Adams.
PS: Wishing you happiness and good health always. May your faith in the LORD be strengthen each new day as you grow up with HIS blessings upon you. May your wishes and dreams come true ya? All the best to you. Never give up hope and dare to achieve your goals in life. I love you dear bro. Love always, Kakak Chelle.

That's Adam and me during sem break..he was wearing my hat..haha! We were on our way to Boulevard.

another post of me and my dear bro, adam..he is all grown up now...i miss him alot, especially now that i'm far away from home.


Anonymous said...

hi dear..
michelle i already tagged u...
answer ya...hehee-liza

cvsf said...

saya punya birthday jangan lupa